The Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brands

The Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brands

What is the Best Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brand?

Apart from curious guitarists, we find many newer musicians who are interested in getting their first 'serious' guitar ask the question, "what is the best brand to get?" This article seeks to help people in that situation.

You'll notice that we've changed the question from one containing the subjective 'best' to the objective 'highest rated', this is because objectively answering the modified question serves some of the most important needs anyone has who wants to know what the best brand is.

As we are a data driven organization, we have used our extensive database of guitars which includes ratings of each model based on feedback from thousands of guitarists that have owned or played them. In short, the list below represents the opinions of thousands of guitarists rather than what appeals to our personal tastes.

Only brands selling guitars priced below $2000 were eligible. Before you post in the comments section asking why brands like Gibson, Collings, Maton etcetera, don't appear below, please read the Methodology section at the bottom of this article.

So without further ado, here are the results of our research for this new 2022 Edition...


Blueridge is the 11th Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brand

11. Blueridge

Owned by Saga Music, the Blueridge brand has been steadily building a reputation for producing excellent 'pre-war' style guitars. This means their designs are based upon the types of guitars made and sold in the USA during the 1930's and earlier.

Many guitarists favorably compare Blueridge with Martin and Gibson Acoustics and they have the advantage of producing their guitars at much lower price points than similar options from those more expensive brands.

Selling for under $1000 is one of their highly rated models, the Blueridge BR-70. For the price, it comes with solid sitka spruce top and premium aesthetics, courtesy of its generous use of abalone and mother-of-pearl inlays. It sports a design based on pre-war '30s era dreadnoughts, but built using modern production methods to keep the price accessible.


Epiphone is the 10th Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brand

10. Epiphone

Because Epiphone has been owned by Gibson since 1957 you could be forgiven for thinking that this is the brand that simply makes alternative and cheaper versions of Gibson guitars. They do do that, in addition to making some of their own guitars, but their history runs deeper than that.

They began as an independent musical instrument company in 1873, in part of the Ottoman Empire which is now part of modern day Turkey, making stringed instruments such as lutes and fiddles - they relocated to the United States in 1903. The founder's eldest son, Epaminondas Stathopoulos took over the company after his father passed away and later renamed the business to Epiphone Banjo Company in 1928 to rebrand the company and emphasize the fact that they had changed to making more popular stringed instruments - the same year they first began making guitars. The name comes from 'Epi' which was Epaminondas' nickname, and the Greek word 'phone' meaning sound.

Today they make affordable versions of Gibson classics such as the Dove, Hummingbird, J-45 and more. They also put out acoustics that feature their own designs, including the extremely popular entry level guitar the Epiphone DR-100.


Ibanez is the 9th Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brand

9. Ibanez

The Ibanez brand has a fascinating history beginning with Spanish luthier Salvador Ibáñez in the 1800's who's original guitars are revered by the likes of Eric Clapton and the select few who are either wealthy enough, or lucky enough to own one.

But that's not the Ibanez we know today, although the two are related.. Japanese company Hoshino Gakki began importing guitars made by Salvador Ibáñez's company to Japan in 1929. This was so successful for them that they started producing their own similar guitars under this name in 1935. They started making modern guitars simply using the name Ibanez in 1957 and then, not being ones to hold a grudge given that the US Army Air Force destroyed their factory in 1945, began exporting them to the USA in 1971, and as they say, the rest is history.

These days they have a large range of acoustic guitars and they are particularly strong in the entry-level market with the highly rated Ibanez AW54 being a prime example.


Jasmine is the 8th Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brand

8. Jasmine

Jasmine started out as a Takamine brand which was later sold to KMC Music in 2005 who remain the owners today.

They produce a range of acoustic guitars including steel-string dreadnoughts and orchestra models as well as nylon string guitars, but it is definitely their student models which garner the brand's highest ratings.

You can find their budget friendly guitars in major national stores like Guitar Center and online through sites like Musicians Friend and Amazon.

Jasmine's highest rated model is the cutaway grand orchestra bodied S-34C.


Gretsch is the 7th Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brand

7. Gretsch

Gretsch Guitars gained popularity in the '50s for their Filter'tron pickup equipped electric guitars, popularized by virtuosos like Chet Atkins, Brian Setzer and more. But prior to that in the '30s, they dabbled in acoustic guitar production with much success, under their sub-brand "Rex". And these old school Rex guitars now serve as the inspiration for their current line of acoustics.

One of their highly rated acoustic guitars is the Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy, an affordable parlor style acoustic reminiscent of old Rex models, well loved for its compact size, easy playability, and warm tone.

Gretsch acoustics have easily distinguishable aesthetics that set them apart from other brands. Some even come with triangular shaped sound holes, along with pickguard shapes and hardware that resemble their electric guitar designs.


Yamaha is the 6th Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brand

6. Yamaha

For a long time Yamaha were regarded as one of the best producers of student guitars but their reputation didn't go far beyond that. And it's true that they make excellent guitars for beginners, I am one of the many who originally learned to play on their student nylon string C40. BTW I'm one of those guitarists who thoroughly recommend initially learning to play on a nylon string guitar.

Over the last decade or so, Yamaha have become a widely regarded brand for all kinds of guitars, from student-friendly nylon guitars, to highly rated steel string acoustics such as the Yamaha FS800 (pictured)

Some of the notable musicians who play Yamaha acoustic guitars are Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, Ed Roland from Collective Soul and Joe Bonamassa just to name a few.


Taylor is the 5th Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brand

5. Taylor

It seems like Taylor have been around forever, but compared to most big name acoustic guitar brands, Taylor are a relative newcomer on the scene having been founded by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug in 1974. They started out as an acoustic guitar company and that is their primary focus to this day and are now renowned the world over for the tone and quality of their instruments..

Taylor introduced a number of innovations including being the first to precision manufacture guitars using computer mills. These days, they still make their high-end guitars in California, but they have expanded into mid to low tier markets by producing some of their more affordable lines in Mexico.

The Taylor Academy 10 is a good example of their successful foray into beginner tier guitars. Impressing even experienced musicians with its specs and build quality, while retaining a relatively accessible price tag, this beginner friendly guitar comes with a beveled armrest that makes it more comfortable for your right arm.

Artists that play Taylor guitars include Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift, Zac Brown and more.


Seagull is the 4th Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brand

4. Seagull

Some of you may not be all that familiar with Seagull, however they have an almost cult-like following where devotees of the brand don't like it, they love it!

Seagull hails from La Patrie, Quebec in Canada, a sub-brand of Godin Guitars, started by Robert Godin himself back in 1982. It is said that 200 out of the 750 population of La Patrie are involved in making guitars, hence the reason why Godin used to have a LaPatrie brand for their nylon guitars. Note that Godin has recently dropped the LaPatrie brand, opting instead to use their main brand, Godin, for their nylon string guitar series.

Seagull set themselves apart by producing all of their guitars with solid tops in addition to making them by hand - and they do this from their budget models all the way up to their top of the line guitars.

Another thing that endears them to many guitarists is that they source 100% of their woods from sustainable sources and they use hydro-electric power. When it comes to the environmental footprint of a guitar, this is an area where Seagull are out in front and the big name brands, who while working hard to improve their own environmental impacts, are still playing some degree of catch-up.

The Seagull S6 Original is a great showcase of Seagull's quality, with its solid cedar top, modified dreadnought shape, and narrow headstock that results in its unique appeal and tone.


Fender is the 3rd Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brand

3. Fender

While many guitar companies began making acoustic guitars and later moved into electric guitars, Fender came at it from the other direction being the company that created the solid body electric guitar market with the Telecaster (then named Broadcaster) and only much later moved into acoustics.

Actually, company founder Leo Fender's first business was repairing tube circuitry equipment including radios, phonograph players, and home music amplifiers. He noticed the growing popularity of amplifiers for home music systems and branched out into selling music records and renting out PA systems he had designed from his repair shop. Then he got even more involved in music by making and selling Hawaiian lap steel guitars containing a proprietary pickup system which he bundled with his own newly designed amplifiers in 1945. The following year he changed the company name from Fender’s Repair Service to Fender Electric Instruments Company.

It wasn't until 1964 that Fender began to produce acoustic guitars, just one year before Leo Fender, suffering from health problems, sold the company to CBS. If you ever find a 'Pre CBS' Fender acoustic in the attic you'll have one of the rarest modern acoustic guitars in existence.

Although they are not widely regarded as a high-end maker of acoustic guitars, they are well respected for entry-level acoustics, with the Fender FA-115 being a prime example. Interestingly, the company allows affordable acoustic guitars to carry the main "Fender" label, while assigning affordable electric guitars to the Fender Squier sub-brand.


Guild is the 2nd Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brand

2. Guild

From its humble workshop beginnings, Guild Guitars rose to fame in the '60s as an acoustic guitar manufacturer, competing toe to toe with top brands like Martin. While their designs doesn't veer from familiar territory, Guild made a big impact in the acoustic guitar industry by being the first to mass produce a cut-away model. These days, cutaway models are industry standard, especially for acoustic-electric guitars.

Their success in the '60s was ultimately short-lived, ending up being sold to Fender, and more recently to Cordoba. Thankfully, all is not lost because guitarists have been noticing big improvements in Guild guitars' quality under the ownership of Cordoba. And this sentiment is reflected in reviews across multiple retailers. In particular, the Guild M-20 is being raved about for its build quality, which in turn results in good playability and tone.

Compared to other brands, Guild is relatively a small manufacturer, which means delays in production and releases. Fans are hoping for Cordoba to ramp up the production, and for the company to come up with modern reproductions of iconic Guild acoustics, including their 12-string models.


The Best Acoustic Guitar Brand

1. Martin

C.F. Martin & Company was founded in New York City in 1833 by Christian Frederick Martin, a man born when George Washington was still President, and who is reputed to have built the first ever acoustic guitar in the USA.

It is rare for any brand, let alone an entire company, to stay in business this long and their longevity speaks volumes to the exceptional quality of their instruments. Although they did dabble in electric guitars and basses for a short time, today the company is dedicated to making the finest acoustic guitars possible just as they were over 180 years ago.

Over their long history Martin guitars have been played by artists as diverse as Mark Twain. David Crosby, Chris Cornell, John Mayer, Valerie June and Ed Sheeran.

The Martin D-15M together with the Martin 000-15M are Martin's best rated acoustics in the sub $1,500 price range. And as a testament to the brand's attention to detail and quality, both models have attained almost perfect ratings across multiple review platforms and retailers.

Martin offers even better options for those who have more though, including a $119,999 guitar called the Martin D-200 Deluxe. They also have mid-tier market offerings, which include their popular LX and Jr. series.


For a brand to be eligible for consideration they had to have their acoustic guitars for sale from major American retailers such as Guitar Center, Sweetwater, Amazon, Sam Ash, B&H etc.

We took the Gearank rating scores we have calculated for individual qualifying guitars for each brand and combined them using a weighted average to produce a rating for each brand. We can best explain this by saying that if a brand had 2 qualifying models and one of them had 99 review/rating sources, and the other model only had a single source, then the first model's ratings would contribute 99% of the final rating for the brand.

Only ratings for guitars that met the following criteria were included in the data set:

  • Steel string acoustic
  • 6-strings
  • No electronics (acoustic-electric models were excluded)
  • Maximum street price of $1,999.99

Using these criteria meant that some well known brands weren't eligible for consideration. Some examples of brands that weren't included in the process:

  • Collings - aren't available from the major retailers - here is a list of their dealers.
  • Gibson - all their acoustics sell for more than $2000
  • Maton - is an Australian brand (played by Tommy Emmanuel) only sold by smaller specialty guitar sellers in America at prices above $2000

We ended up processing the ratings of more than 110 individual models from the following 28 brands: Alvarez, Antonio Giuliani, Blueridge, Breedlove, Bristol, Cigano, Dean, EKO, Epiphone, Fender, Gretsch, Guild, Ibanez, Jasmine, Journey Instruments, Larrivee, Luna Guitars, Martin, Paul Reed Smith, Recording King, Rogue, Seagull, Sigma, Takamine, Taylor, The Loar, Washburn and Yamaha.

This gave us over 27,100 rating sources to process and you can see a list including the individual models in our Music Gear Database. For more information about how we calculate product ratings see How Gearank Works.

The nice thing about this approach is that it allows for a direct comparison of the market sentiment of brands regardless of the average price of their guitars - this is because people generally don't rate a $100 guitar relative to a $2,000 guitar - instead they tend to rate it according to how good it is at being what it is, rather than what it isn't.

So what surprises you about the brands that other guitarists like and don't like as much? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

About the Authors

Alexander BrionesAlexander Briones

I've written about and researched music gear for many years, while also serving as a music director at my local church, in addition to teaching guitar, bass and mentoring young musicians.

Jason HortonJason Horton

In addition to being a singer / guitarist I have worked on the business side of music as an artist manager, event manager, producer, and a music publisher talent scout.


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I will be honest. I hardly

I will be honest. I hardly ever post anything, but now I have to. This is one of the dumbest lists I've ever seen. I understand that boutique brands have been left out. But what does Fender do in the top ten, as an acoustic brand (in the field of electric guitars they are of course)? Where is Takamine? Their Japanese branch is absolute top three, as a brand. Jasmine on this list instead of Takamine is hilarious. Seagull is a nice brand, but certainly not top four. Ridiculous. I would get this list off the internet soon if you want to be taken seriously. Furthermore, the ordening is totally ......................... . You get what I mean.

LOL! look at all the Crying

LOL! look at all the Crying going on here.. IT is top rated not best. Read the article before browsing the list.

Seagull... smh that is pretty

Seagull... smh that is pretty shocking. I mean... wow.. I've played a lot of guitars and I'm certain Seagull would be barely competing for spots 8-10 on a best of brands list. I think Seagull was sort've a gimmick for a few years around 2006-2009.. but the hype quickly wore off. Time to redo the list...

I have a Maritime that I

I have a Maritime that I bought for gigs. It is a beautiful guitar and sounds wonderful through my JBL Eon One stick on a sub. In the studio, it sounds "scratchy." I do not use it for double-tracking acoustics anymore because of it.
Also, the Seagull I bought had a small, repaired crack near the battery compartment when I got it (used) at a good value. Since then, I have had to repair two more cracks... I have 25 guitars and use a dehumidifier to keep the humidity between 45-60. I'm not sure if I got a clunker that was made from bad wood, if the guitar was dried out somewhere from the previous owner or if I am just a bull saving up for his own china shop, but this guitar is NOT a good road guitar IMO. I bought it to be able to leave my '78 Gibson Gospel at home. The Gospel is safe, but the Seagull is a delicate flower and I worry about her all of the time.
I suggest a hard shell case (not a bag).

Guitars are like cars. Cheap

Guitars are like cars. Cheap to unbelievably expensive. People have opinions on what’s best because of their experience, knowledge and what they’ve owned. There will never be a list that everyone agrees with. Buy the guitar you like and want and don’t sweat the list. In fact buy as many as you can afford. That’s what I do.

Just curious, which Seagull

Just curious, which Seagull models did you try? I have the Maritime solid wood series and I think it's amazing. I think the S6 is their most popular model, but I haven't tried that one.

We've never seen one selling

We've never seen one selling at any music gear retailer and we have not done any research on the brand.

I just had a quick look and I couldn't find any for sale, nor could I find any useful information about La Costa.

What a crock. You must be

What a crock. You must be selling ranking to highest bidders.

We not accept any money or

We do not accept any money or gifts (not even free samples or gear loans) from companies that make products eligible to be rated or recommended on this website.

What a joke. Many of these

What a joke. Many of these companies make cheap laminated models. How did Collings, Santa Cruz, Eastman or Guild not crack this list?

Cort acoustic is a beautiful

Cort acoustic is a beautiful sounding comfortable guitar they are relatively on the lower side as far as cost but that's because they don't advertise its far better in my opinion than the seagull

First do you guys even play

First do you guys even play acoustic guitar or know anything about them. The top of the list should be your really nice guitars like Collings guitars and just below that should be Martin and Taylor. I would buy a Maton over a Gibson acoustic but it would be behind Martin and Taylor. Before you get to epiphone and Yamaha ya forgot about larrivee and Firch this list is complete BS

How about HONEY BEE guitar

How about HONEY BEE guitar brand?? Do you familiar about this brand? I love my Vintage RARE HONEYBEE Guitar..

It's a small boutique brand

It's a small boutique brand that isn't widely distributed so it wasn't included in our research. We only included brands that are available from major music gear retailers.

Ridiculous, no creds after

Ridiculous, no creds after this. Change the name for the most highly user rated but the best, I sure hope this has a date of writing of April 1, this is basically one of the worst best lists in any category since the K cars were ranked in the top 10 at one time. Seagull over Martin, Taylor, Gibson is like a Ford Pinto being ranked higher than a Plymouth Valiant with a push button transmission.

The issue you've raised was

The issue you've raised was addressed in the first 3 paragraphs of the article - specifically the article is only about the highest rated brands and only took into consideration the models sold for less than $2000.

Gotta agree that this rating

James - thanks for the effort but gotta agree that this rating list is a shocker, there are so many fine top end guitar makers left off this ranking: Collings, Santa Cruz, Breedlove, Larivee, to name a few. Guild have returned to the market with some fine instruments. While Yamaha, Takamine, Ibanez, Yairi, Yamaki and early Epi had some great years with the big Tokyo (and Korean) factories, let's be honest: there aren't too many professionals who would use a Jasmine, Fender acoustic, Epi acoustic - all considered providers of student guitars and entry-level guitars, made in China, and many now in Indonesia with thick polyurethane finishes, throw of the dice set ups, plastic nuts and timber of unknown origin. Finally, Seagull tries hard, their red cedar tops are gorgeous and sound great, I love their use of local sustainable timbers, and as a Canadian I wanted their guitars to be great - but talk to any repair or warranty expert and you'll hear the stories. I had an S6 puchased in Montreal and the top bowed and bridge started coming off after a year plus. It was under warranty. Let's just say the repair shop staff were unsurprised. This isn't to say that the 'big 2' or the most expensive are always the best. I currently own Gibsons, Martins and a Breedlove of various periods and vintages and - truth be told - my 1969 (Fujigen factory) Yamaki rosewood guitars, purchased at the Hudson's Bay way back when, are the best sounding, most seasoned guitars for recording in the house. Maybe it's the nitro finishes and 5 decades of seasoning and playing: but many Japanese Martin clones of this era are simply outstanding. Use your ears and hands: put any Seagull up against a Collings and you'll experience the difference immediately.

This list should read, I dont

This list should read, I dont know s@#t about a quality guitar. So many superior guitars to some of the trash listed on here, Larrivee, Santa Cruz, Breedlove.

I played and been around

I played and been around acoustic guitars all my life to me there's nothing like a Martin HD 28 or D 28 then Gibson,Taylor and seagull

You guys haven't played cole

You guys haven't played cole clark and maton?? Great guitar.Amazing sound.

Why did you ignore one of the

Why did you ignore one of the best acoustic guitar manufacturer in your analysis?
These guitars blow away guitars at twice the price.
Play one and I bet you will agree

I agree about Furch. But its

I agree about Furch. But its American shops and what they’re selling.
I have a beautiful Peppino Seagull which was under 2000, and in that bracket hammers any of the top brands. Furch would slay in this price range, or any price range. Buying famous brands equals wasting money.

that was the stunning. I

that was the stunning. I guess you don't get out much. worst list I have seen. so many trash lists based on what? paid for ads? it's shit.

65 been playing on and off

65 been playing on and off for 50 years. If the new Guilds are close to the old guilds (I had a starbird and a f212) and played a little 3/4 size steel string a friend won in a poker game - they’re hard to beat. I’m sure you’re talking current production but LoPrinzi and Bozo made magnificent guitars and although I’ve never played one I hear Bourgeois guitars are supposed to be the Finest on the planet. Martins impress me with their style and construction but something about them - I’ve never appreciated the tone. But the finest guitar I’ve ever seen or played was a Yamaha fg2500 6 string

K.Yairi should be on this

K.Yairi should be on this list! Best sounding guitar I have played. Have owned several of the guitars on this list and have to say my Yairis win hands down.

I have several k.yairi

I have several k.yairi guitars and have played many of the guitars on this list.the Yaris I have should have been on the list.they are fantastic!

I love Gibson guitars, but

I love Gibson guitars, but sometimes the price is too high for experienced but not professional guitar player as i am. Anyway, i love that brand.

I have to be honest... this

I have to be honest... this list... while a lot of work may have went into it... isn't too great. I feel like it should be titled, the highest rated brands... AT GUITAR CENTER. Alvarez guitars have -*--**9-incredible mid and high end guitars. My MD90 is far better than 90% of the Gibson's I've played. Furthermore, Guild makes great guitars, not on this list. Takamine makes fair guitars, certainly better than Jasmine, Ovation, and Blue Ridge. And Yamaha should be closer to 10 on this list. Plus, the author left off most of the boutique acoustic manufacturers out there... like say, a Collins. If you want to spend around $200-500, at Guitar Center, then this list is fine. Otherwise... let's get a new list going of the top 20 brands that make high end acoustic guitars for true acoustic enthusiasts!

I'm the author and I think

I'm the author and I think that next time we do this we'll go to greater lengths to explain the methodology and scope - for example boutique brands were explicitly excluded from the research data.

In the meantime you might be happy to learn that Alvarez, Guild and Takamine are included in our recently updated guide to The Best Acoustic Guitars.

Also just under 3 months ago we published a separate guide to the best acoustic brands using a completely different approach in which you will find Collings along with Guild and Takamine - you can see it on

If I may, in 2001 I needed an

If I may, in 2001 I needed an acoustic guitar. I entered a very well-stocked music shop and tried a Yamaha, which was my target. Absolute disappointment. I then tried a Fender, then Gibson, Epiphone, a Takamine. I liked no one.
But then a gorgeous guitar hung on the wall called me; it was a Crafter (Grand Auditorium 30)- I'de never heard that brand before. A slightly higher price, but what a difference! Deep and brilliant sound and astonishing finish, a real jewel.
Obviously there were Taylor and Guild too, which were totally out of game (and budget...).

Can't believe Guild didn't

Can't believe Guild didn't make it, it has a great history, popularity with some well known players, has a strong market presence, and top notch building quality. This list has zero credibility without it.

how is lakewood not on this

how is lakewood not on this list? lakewood sounds better than taylor and martin

I find it hard to believe

I find it hard to believe that out of all the guitar builders you listed that you omitted Guild Guitars. When I started playing over 50 years ago they were in the top three. Martin, Gibson and Guild. I own two and will play them until I can't play any longer.

I understand that no list is

I understand that no list is going to meet everyone’s expectations. But Ovation? The standing joke when The Who reunited was “Why does Pete Townsend play an Ovation? Because He’s deaf!”

I agree Jim, Seagull and

I agree Jim, Seagull and Ibanez should get knocked down a few notches as well. Although I will allow Martin makes good instruments in the U.S., the X series sucks and their instruments under $3 - 4K are not of consistent quality. IMHO

Yamaha...ya mama...yuck...

Yamaha...ya mama...yuck...
Seagull...birdshit.. way...
Martin will always be top dog...along with larivee...taylor...guild...also...kwasnycia guitars in chatham ontario...pse customs....windsor ontario... Larry dalbello guitars...windsor ontario...sammyguitars...windsor ontario...curtis guitars...chatham ontario...aside from my top four the rest of these builders all reside in. Essex county..ontario canada...superb tone and build none!!!

Apparently you haven't played

Apparently you haven't played the L-series Yamaha's. They're handmade guitars and will rival any guitar in that list for number one. Until you played on those guitars you don't know what you're talking about. To the person who made this list, Seagull shouldn't even be on there. They're junk. I had their prized S6 for 2 years and played it maybe 3 hours. But for the money anywhere between $200 and $800 Yamaha beats anybody in this list. Period.

Between $200 and $800 I would

Between $200 and $800 I would go for another lawsuit Takamine. I have three of 'em now, and these are the best bang for the buck under $1,000. When Martin feels compelled to send a cease and desist letter, you're probably doing something right!

I have too agree,SEAGULL Is a

I have too agree,SEAGULL Is a great guitar,I own one,every time I play It,Iam so happy too have bought It

I'm extremely unsure about

I'm extremely unsure about this list. You've missed some very worthy brands and put cheap stuff up way too high. Seagull..really?? Maybe Seagull poo. I have or had most of these axes over quite a long period of time and think, in my opinion, that the list should go something like this:-
1 Martin
2 Taylor
3 Gibson
4 Collings
5 Larrivee
6 Guild
7 Takamine (Pro series)
8 Maton
9 Blueridge
10 Ovation
Please remember that I've compiled my list taking into account the guitars listed are all top of the range models, not affordable ones. I have a Martin DC28E...awesome. Gibson Songwriter..also awesome acoustically but pre-amp could be better. Takamine P7NC..unbelievable plugged in as it has a "Tube" pre-amp and Ok without amplification. Plus various other acoustics that are definitely brilliant for the money. The rest are mostly Fender and Gibson electrics. Anyway, hope some of you will comment about whether they should be changed around or some added or subtracted. In any case, it don't matter what ya got, just keep playing. That's the most important thing. Cheers

Very well presented article &

Very well presented article & very informative, although Tanglewood seemed to be missing from the list.

I was just going to ask about

I was just going to ask about Tanglewood. I tried one for kicks when looking for a new 12 string acoustic. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s sound was exactly as I prefer, rich, deep and clear. Everyone has sound preferences, and it did not disappoint. I’m still partial to the tone of rosewood construction.

Thank you for your efforts.

Thank you for your efforts. Even though I've been a guitarist for 14 years now, I still find your article quite informative.

Gees, guys! The author

Gees, guys! The author explained how the list was compiled. I actually agree with it. Keeping his own bias out of the equation is a brilliant idea.
It's not his fault how the list ended up.
Please, stop the whining.
Personally, I've never played a Martin I liked so I would never buy one.
So.. Thank you for gathering all of the data and giving us all a decent starting point.