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From time to time we publish articles on a range of topics that we hope fellow musicians will find useful. If you're specifically looking for music gear buying guides go to our Gear Guides section.

Why Electric Guitar Knobs Matter

Why Electric Guitar Knobs Matter

A complete walkthrough of the two main electric guitar knobs: volume and tone. Along with practical tips on their use.

The Different Types of Electric Guitars Explained

The Different Types of Electric Guitars Explained

Our electric guitar expert will help you discover the guitar types and configurations that you need to consider when planning for your next electric guitar.

The Different Types of Acoustic Guitars Explained

Acoustic Guitars

Our guitar expert walks you through the different types of acoustic guitars and tonewoods. Learn the differences so you can choose the one that fits your needs

Things To Consider When Buying An Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

Guitar teacher Alexander Briones explains what you need to know about acoustic guitars before buying your first one, or perhaps before upgrading to a much higher priced guitar.

Choosing the Right Type of Studio Recording Microphone for Your Vocal Type

Choosing The Right Mic For Your Vocal Type

Everyone's voice is different: Different timbres, volumes, ranges, and textures distributed across different ages, genders and languages. That's just for the voices; microphones on the other hand have different circuitry, quality, and frequency response -- it can all get too overwhelming to even mention how each mic is different.

The Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brands

The Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brands

Answering the question of what the best acoustic guitar brands are may be a highly subjective endeavour, however it is often an important question in need of answering, particularly for people who are relatively new to the instrument and would like to narrow down their search when looking to buy one.

Thinking About Upgrading Your Pickups? Read This First!

Thinking About Upgrading Your Pickups? Read This First!

While journalists and YouTubers like to wax about how impactful different tone woods or stainless steel frets can be, the pickups are really supplying most of your guitar’s tone.

Building Your First DIY Guitar Kit

DIY Guitar Kits

DIY electric guitar building and modding aficionado Matt Dunn provides some very good advice you should read before attempting your first guitar kit build.